i went fully online with all my students from the very beginning of the pandemic. it showed that next to the curriculum content they needed support and guidance sustaining with online teaching. They also increasingly needed support with emotionally handling the many changes in their personal and work life during the ongoing pandemic. So did friends and colleagues and this is how I brought the program into being.

In the program I mentor online to emotionally master the process of change. To eventually embody the process of change. We need to transform our cognitive motion to action. We need to feel it, act it out and work through resistance in order to overcome fear, which is always part of a change process. There might be a goal set to be reached but for the experiencing, the practising, the rehearsing of the process of change it is not necessary. the wheel of change spins out of its own dynamic. Accelerating us step by step to develop, strengthen and refine our change maker skills.

Welcome to the ChangeContainer

Change is our life force, our challenge, our wheel of fortune. We cannot do without change.

I have created the Change Container from my lifelong working with the process of change as an artist, teacher, bodyworker, yogi, guide. From my knowledge, experience and expertise.

I created it with the vision of an ever growing tool box that nourishes and supports your process of change. And with the vision of an ever growing community of changemakers, changeresisters, changenewbees and changeprofessionals.
I want us all to come back to ourselves, reset, empower and embody our lives, celebrate our changing with joy, ease, passion and peace. And life the live we truly want to live.
And honestly breaking it down to the bones, change is easy. It simply means creating new space for the next step in our living. It is not change its self we meet with resistance or fear, it is the hustle of the how to and the one last missing impulse to get started. Well – good news – change can happen without hustle and there are many ways to receive an impulse.
Change can be processed with ease, happiness and healthy in body and mind. .
And this is how it goes. Go to my Instagram account @thechangecontainer.
Enjoy the feed and the stories, share, like, and what is most important, comment. Exchange with other changemakers to be. DM me if you wish to hear my thoughts on a question. Let me and your companions in the container know what you would like to know about, what you want me to bring into the Change Container, and how you feel.
Maybe you want to work 1:1  with me (55 minutes/session). Write me to email: .
Maybe you just need the one impulse, then my I mpulse 1:1  (25 minutes/session) is for you. Write me to email: .
Maybe you want to grab your change project and work on it in a group surrounding, then you best hop on the waitlist for the next  Celebrating Change Group Mentorship . Write me to email:  to get on the wait list.
Maybe you want to give yourself a treat and join our monthly ladies Dancing the Change event, where we are dancing together online followed by a guided meditation.
Whatever you need for now, active or passive, I am delighted to have you in the Change Container! You are on your way. And you are not alone.
We are all in this processing change after change after change together.
Always celebrating change!