in the exhibition 'bewegt' in the Kunstmuseum Erlangen

14. September through 12. Oktober 2014

The site specific sound work 'Barocksaal' is situated in the 'Stuckkabinett' of the Kunstmuseum. An almost square like room close to the entrance, conncecting two very large rooms. The composition 'Barocksaal' melts the inside and outside parameters: city traffic meets bare museum space with baroque roof structures, acoustic singals induce inner visual associations, fusing with visual impressions surrounding the listener. 

Through a row of different sound materials, rhythms and tonality, different movement patterns traverse the space. The listener can follow with ears and body movement according to his own found pace. Slow movement, aktiv listening while lingering and reflecting the space will support the overall sensual effect and stimulate various reception patterns. 

two players with CD, instrumental, vocal, natural sounds,  7:30 min loop

Curator: Martina Sutter-Kress,





Tanja Hemms work borders - depending on the location, situation, object and intention - ite specific sound, art in public art, spatial art, conceptual art, interactive, mobile and media art or performance. Under the topics 'installation, object, application, WC 2006, Der Brunnenweg, business and education' you meet examples and samples for a first contact with her work.