"sound is sensual spatial raw material:anchoring body and rooting mind within a location."

Tanja Hemm creates her concepts/compositions out of a location, a situation or an object. She researches and analyses the architectural, acoustic and everyday parameters of a location, a situation or an object. She chooses sounds whose frequency and intonation can dwell at their best, collaborating with the location, situation or object. Composition and point of focus collaborate together with the listener like equal partners. They expand each other while they radiate as one unit. The recipient experiences an intense full body anchoring and inner rooting. Tanja Hemm's compositions develop through a step by step layering of analogue mono sounds. The artist knows how to handle reduction, repetition, slow pace and silence. She impresses with a flowing rhythmical presentation of dynamics including punctual peeks. Necessary technical settings are integrated non visible. Tanja Hemm's work seems to spring out of the nothing. Her underlying concepts derive from everyday locations and encounters which she comments from a context dangling poetically between realism, illusion and play.