mobile site specific sound installations - a longterm art project

art•sounds is an application that contains site specific sound compositions by Tanja Hemm. The user downloads art•sounds from the app store or google play. He can then enter the in app store of art•sounds where he finds the art•sounds products with detailed explanation and sound samples. There are three art•sounds products: 1. 'City Walk', a GPS guided walk to three 'Soundspots' within a city or a city section. 2. 'Single Spot', a composition for a location or situation type without GPS guidance. '3. Quiet Spot', a noise reduced spot in the city the user is guided to via GPS (no composition). art•sounds works from the underlying tones and tunes of a location or a situation and changes the listeners visual and timewise experience on location. The listener decides about his interaction with art in public space independently.

art•sounds can be applied to the iphone (from 3GS), ipad (with GPS) and Android smartphones.

Demo-Video       iPhone App       Android App