Acoustic Re-locating between public, private and virtual space

A mobile carrier (IOS or Android) becomes the mobile instrument of art. Via GPS it guides the listener to a virtual soundspot which interacts with a real location. The composition was created in situ and is only audible right then and there. Location, sound and listener collaborate with each other without the prerequisite of logistic or technical necessities. The artist can work with any choosen location. The recipient controls his encounter with art in public space, decides how long an installation exists. With art•sounds Tanja Hemm questions the labelling of public and private space. Does it depend on outer parameters? Does it evolve out of an inner process or through repetition? How is a space that comes into existence through the collaboration of a real location with a virtual soundspot to be defined. The project 'art•sounds' discusses the term 'public space' in a context of growing importance of virtual spaces radiating into real space while a change of perception of public and private space occurs.

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