i went fully online with all my students from the very beginning of the pandemic. it showed that next to the curriculum content they needed support and guidance sustaining with online teaching. They also increasingly needed support with emotionally handling the many changes in their personal and work life during the ongoing pandemic. So did friends and colleagues and this is how I brought the program into being.

In the program I mentor online to emotionally master the process of change. To eventually embody the process of change. We need to transform our cognitive motion to action. We need to feel it, act it out and work through resistance in order to overcome fear, which is always part of a change process. There might be a goal set to be reached but for the experiencing, the practising, the rehearsing of the process of change it is not necessary. the wheel of change spins out of its own dynamic. Accelerating us step by step to develop, strengthen and refine our change maker skills.