Celebrating Change

your online mentorship with Tanja Hemm

06.06.2021 - 07.07.2021.

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Yogis, creators, visionaries, spiritual teachers, sisters - I call you in to celebrating change!

We cannot create change through a mindset shift only. This is an illusion. We need to feel what we create. We need to embody. This is the human beauty about changing, the feel part, and - you are not alone in this. I know the process, I am fully with you, I feel you.

We will dive deep and we will be celebrating your individual adventure of change, you will give birth to the essence, to your new value unfolding.

Are you excited about change? Do you have an area in your life that you would like to change? 

You feel vibrant, empowered, thriving, expanding when you think about it, no matter whether you already have a clear plan or simply ‚that’ feel?

YES! I am fully with you!

You are drained, exhausted, mind spinning, paralysed - just to name a few - before you even get started with your change process or once you start taking action? The should’s, could’s, if ever I do’s, maybe’s start firing at you? The what if’s crawl up your neck? You are in the grip of fear, resistance, old pains, hurdles?

YES! I am fully with you!

Aren’t we amazing? Can you imagine a rose feeling resistance or fear while she grows, blossoms. blooms, radiates her very unique beauty? She doesn’t care,  she doesn’t think, she doesn’t even know. She follows her intuitive wisdom and drive for expansion.

She enjoys every state of change she lives through.

Yes! Celebrating change!

Change is an extraordinary adventure. It gives us a new perspective, we give birth to parts of ourselves that are ready to unfold. Celebrating this adventure means to appreciate iourselves and the steps we take, to focus on the best case scenario, to say yes to expansion. Remember when you go for a walk. You can fast pace to reach your goal. Or you can find your pace of ease fully embodying what you do, taking time to see, listen, smell, touch, understand. Celebration is a ritual, is poetry, is party, is an attitude of gratitude hat will remind you to enjoy your change.

Learning and enjoyment are the secret to a fulfilled life. Learning without enjoyment wears you down, enjoyment without learning dulls you.[(Richard David Prechtl)

While you celebrate change you celebrate your wild side, your sensual side, your intuitive nature, your feelings, your body, your progress, your expansion. You celebrate the less is more, the lightness, the dismantling, the decluttering, the shedding of your old skin - you celebrate finding your true rhythm, your eventually being in the flow.

Can we ever celebrate enough?

Change in its true nature is simple. it brings us inner peace and happiness

Change is our pulse, our constant of life. You cannot fail once you allow change. Your decisions are never about right or wrong, they are about being truthful to yourself, about living your life purpose.

The good news is, you do not have to look for your life purpose. It is already within you. You do not need more information, you need support to simplify, to declutter, to get rid of all the protective layers that have made their home between you and your true self. In order to dive into transformation.

Change in its true nature is simple.

Our mind loves to take over but we need to bring our ideas, our visions into your body. We need to acknowledge and understand them through our feelings. 

Do you remember your last time when your life path held an option for a new road to travel. There was no way to get around it, wasn’t there? This steady voice in your ear, this longing. This transfer from outer listening to inner listening making the longing more obvious. It is never about the goal, it is about getting started and getting into the process of change. Understanding your rhythm, understanding each step you take on your way and each step you do not take.

I call on yogis, creators, visionaries and spiritual teachers, sisters - go change!

I will support you to fall in love with your special sauce, to mentally clarify your change adventure, to start walking and find your rhythm with ease. I will nurture you to understand, release, dissolve your hurdles. I will help you to create a safe space to shed your old skin. 

None of my lessons are ever the same. We will go through five modules together. One hour live lecture and one hour live Q/A followed by a 15 minute bodywork sequence or meditation per week. You can always participate through the replays.

In my life as yogi, artist, teacher and mentor I embraced many changes. Unexpected ones, very obvious ones, changes that made me sad and changes that made me fly. I know resistance, I know fear, I also know thrive, expansion, ease and joy. I am with you.

Change is vital and essential for our well-being, it brings us inner peace and happiness.

CELEBRATING CHANGE my online mentorship program runs 06.06.2021 - 07.07.2021. Enrollment closes 04.06.2021. I take 5 clients only, early bird rate applies until 27.05.21.

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